About Us

A little bit about us and why we do what we do…

We Are Saving Nemo

We are Saving Nemo, a 100% vegan business specialising in anything fishy! We started in 2021 with our little green van serving the people of Northamptonshire with our take on fish and chips. Our first official day trading was at EcoVillage in Market Harborough and we make sure to go back each year. We then moved up to the North East for my “day” job and quickly found that the little green van needed to be a bigger green van so we settled on a gazebo and 2 industrial sized fryers to serve larger crowds.

During 2021 and 2022 we did many private events and weddings serving up vegan fish and chips, fried chick’n and cold buffets. 2022 saw us being recognised by the County Durham Environmental Awards for our eco approach to our business.

2023 saw us bid for our first festivals and we are attending 3 this year. We also have lots of weddings booked in! We have diversified our wedding menu to accommodate different tastes – check out our hire us page!

The Tartar Sauce Journey

We have always made our tartar sauce and taken it to many events, a lot of people requesting it in bulk.

We didn’t know where to start with manufacturing and it all happened by accident. During the 40-degree heatwave in 2022 we were at a market in Bletchley. Of course, everyone was out enjoying the sun and we were quiet. We started talking to the trader next door who was Sam from Origin Kitchen. Turns out they manufacture for other vegan companies and the rest is history!

About Me

Hi! I am Jess the owner of Saving Nemo. I have been vegan since 2018, vegetarian since 2005.

When I am not frying, I am usually underwater in the North Sea or travelling (and of course planning my trips around vegan food!).

My first job was at Domino’s Pizza and I guess I always enjoyed working in the food industry. I actually have a master’s in Biomedical Science and was a senior engineer for a large semi-conductor company but gave it all up for my love of Saving Nemo!